This can be just a natural ageing process where the crystalline lens of our eye loses its transparency as it thickens with time. We can immediately diagnose the presence of early cataract, give you the appropriate correction including glare control and monitor the progression of the cataract. We will advise you when the time has come to consider surgical correction and see you through this process, referring when appropriate either within the NHS or privately. We will manage you post operatively .
Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Our practitioners will look carefully for any signs of AMD . AMD exists in two forms, either wet or dry.

Our practitioners will advise as to the type of ageing changes detected and our ultrasound scanning technology has proven invaluable at picking up an early change from dry to wet . It is critical that any wet changes are dealt with promptly by swift referral to the macular clinic.

Where dry change alone is diagnosed we will advise you as regards to lifestyle and diet, incorporate UV protection into your spectacles and provide you with the necessary magnification required to allow you to continue reading as long as possible.

Continual monitoring and scanning is essential as any dry change can change to wet/ exudative AMD over time and early detection and treatment is critical to ensure the best visual outcome.

Please contact us immediately should you develop any distortion of your central vision in either eye.

Where there is a family history of either type of AMD regular examination and ultrasound scanning is strongly recommended owing to the strong genetic predisposition indicated.

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