Coatings, tints, Transitions

After your sight test we will recommend the best coating solution for you. This may be a coating to maximise on glare reduction whilst night driving, Blue control to reduce visual stress during device work, an anti-fog coating (particularly useful while wearing a mask), or a mixture of all of the above.

Anti-reflective coatings make your eyes more comfortable and help to reduce unwanted glare and reflections.

We know that blue and UV light exposure can lead to ocular disorders as the eye ages. Incorporating UV protection is a must whether this be in the form of a full prescriptive sunglass , Transitions (light intelligent lenses) or incorporated into the coating.

Our latest Transitions Generation 8 lenses are now available, with a fantastic range of colours and mirrored-finish to complement your frame choice.

All our premium coatings carry a warranty of 2 years.

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