Diabetic Retinopathy

Because Diabetes-related retinopathy is a leading cause of blindness, all diabetics are invited to attend annual to allow us to screen for retinopathy, which can occur in both Type 1 Insulin dependant Diabetes and type 11 diet or medication controlled.

Because Diabetes can cause changes to the blood vessels, leakage of the tiny vessels can occur at the back of the eye.This can often occur without any visual symptoms arising which is why an eye test is so important.

We will use drops to dilate your pupils and carefully examine the peripheral and central retina for any signs of microvascular changes.
We can photograph the eye but also find that our new ultrasound scanning technology is vital in early disease detection, often telling us that leakage is occurring at a deeper level within the retinal layers.

Where detected we will grade the retinopathy and refer promptly for laser treatment or injections where indicated, as again early disease detection and prompt treatment is critical in the prevention of sight loss.

On many occasions only regular monitoring is required, but often we feel a 6 month interval is warranted , so please attend when invited , and please contact us immediately if any disturbance to vision is detected in either eye.

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